Online Analysis

ALLSPORT PERFORMANCE is now offering online lessons. Online lessons are a great way for you to receive knowledgeable professional instruction in the convenience of your own home. These lessons are half the price of an in person lesson but with almost the same results. You will receive a full analysis of your style, with all problem areas outlined & diagnosed. With in 72 hours of turning in your video & payment you will receive a lesson plan specifically catered to your current issues.

Your Online Lesson will include:

~ the results of your video analysis & what issues should be addressed.

~ an assignment specifically catered to address the issues outlined in the video analysis

~ as needed, example videos will be provided to demonstrate proper technic & show how drills should be conducted

~ a professional instructor on hand to answer questions as they arise


To Get Started:

(1.) take a video of your athlete with any device: cell phone, ipad, digital camera, etc.

The video can be taken anywhere: Garage, softball field, even video from a softball game.

The best angle for analysis is often from the side or front.


Hitters: left handed hitters should be filmed from the 3rd base dugout side & right handed hitters should be filmed from the 1st base dugout side.

Catchers: throws should be filmed from the right side if your right handed & left side if your left handed. Catching form should be filmed from the front when possible & should include both catching & blocking pitches.

Fielders: I can analyze your throw as well as fielding techniques: the video should show your throw & you playing your position from a frontal view.

(2.) The length of video can be anywhere from 1 min. to 15 min. or you can provide several short videos that add up to a time between 1 min. & 15 min.

(3.) Send your video in an email to

Feel free to include any comments you feel will help in the analysis of the video.

(4.) Make a payment for your lesson using the Buy Now button below.

(5.) Once your video & payment have been received you will get your lesson/analysis sent to you via email with in 72 hrs.